Guided Imagery

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“…biological effects and mechanisms of actions” using “…state-of-the-art techniques in areas such as imaging,…” for CAM modalities such as Guided Imagery (NCCAM, 2011).

I list Guided Imagery separately on this site because I will make Guided Imagery one of my “pet-projects” for the next 20 or 30 years. I find the modality and the results people have been getting so fascinating that I am going to build my research career on this modality.

As a “New Investigator,” one of my first projects will be Guided Imagery and angiogenesis. Please read more on my “Research” page about my research interests.


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According to one of the leading experts in the field of Guided Imagery, Dr. Jeanne Achterberg, “Imagery is a midwife, assisting the birth of inner experiences--often deeply buried in myth, symbol, dreams and intuition--to conscious expression”(Achterberg, 2010).

Imagery has been the cradle for ancient healing arts, giving rise to creativity, and healing ceremonies that humans performed since early-recorded history.

In short, imagery provides a direct access to cellular structures, altering their very DNA. “Images are therefore a transformer of energy, allowing molecules of thought to be shifted into a language that the chemicals and structures of the body understand and can act upon, and so is the reverse true” (Achterberg, 2010).

While there is exciting research, there is more to Guided Imagery than first meets the eye, and thankfully to modern technology such as PET scans, fMRI, immunnoassays, etc. we now can catch a glimpse of what really is going in a person who uses Guided Imagery. So much so in fact that NCCAM supports research measuring